News’s been a crazy Month,
Just coming out of a Girl Band that was about to do really well
has pushed Me to further heights that i never imagined Me doing alone.
Becoming Alysha Vine, a solo artist…really scary stuff but feels so much easier for everyone involved.
We have got so much done this month and plans that take us up to October 2019 already in place.
I am so lucky to have gigs coming up, i have got into a Festival, new single releases planned, music videos and lots more.
I’m incredibly happy and everything is going really well, i have great support and this time is definitely for Me.
I don’t regret the Girl Band at all as it gave me my start and fans have followed me here.
I have gained the following and things we were entered into and the tools, i am now using myself, so its not all bad, at least i don’t have to start at the very bottom again!
I also don’t regret the breakup as i know now it wasn’t the right combination
and i think i was a little scared to be alone but it helped me gain experience and a confidence to venture out as a solo artist, so was totally worth the split, in a weird way.
I have some of the songs that our songwriters wrote for the Band,
redone, slightly changed and remastered plus new ones they have written for me and i am very excited to get these out there.
I am creating my new identity slowly and very honoured to have the team i have with me every step of the way.
I Cant wait for 29th March, My first single will be released….so excited for this, and please let me know what you think, i’m always loving your feedback, keep you updated , see ya in March ? xxx

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